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At UNLV’s Infant and Child Studies, we conduct cutting-edge research on how infants, children, and adults learn about and perceive music, language, and people. Infant and Child Studies is made up of two labs, each with a specific research focus.

The Auditory Cognition and Development Lab

This research group examines how human knowledge of music is shaped by the innate structure of the auditory system, by our culture-specific listening experiences, our participation in musical activities (such as dancing and singing), and by the knowledge we simultaneously acquire in other domains such as language.

The Baby & Child Rebel Lab

This research group examines how infants and children learn about people in their social world. Our infant studies examine how infants’ experience with people affects their preferences for and recognition and categorization of faces. Our child studies examine how children respond to faces that vary in a particular attribute, such as gender or emotion.



Infant and Child Studies

University of Nevada, Las Vegas



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