How Does Your Child See and Hear the World?

Infant and Child Studies is part of the Department of Psychology at UNLV. We conduct research on how infants, children, and adults learn about and perceive music, language, and people. We use a variety of behavioral methods, where researchers observe children while they listen to sounds, watch pictures or movies, or play with toys. We depend on families in the community who come visit us and help contribute to the science of human development!

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By studying how infants, children, and adults respond to and understand music, we answer fundamental questions about our musical nature.

We seek to understand how infants and children learn about people in their social world. We are committed to conducting multicultural research.

We depend on the generosity of families in the community to voluntarily participate in our research studies.

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Department of Psychology

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Infant and Child Studies

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


We are located in the Campus Lab Building 2,

Las Vegas, NV 89119, on UNLV's campus.

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